How to order

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You'll need either a Paypal account to order ERS products.

To order:
- please click on the Products link on top of the home page and select the type of product(s) you want
- Click the link of the exact product you wish to purchase
- Add the number of licenses you wish to purchase to the shopping cart by entering it into the Qty (quantity) field.
- Click the Add to cart button
- Click the Checkout link on top of the page or the Proceed to Checkout button when you're done shopping.
- Click the Register button. Please note that registering is a one-time-only requirement: you don't need to enter your details again for future purchases from Empty Room Systems.
- Enter your personal details. Please note the following:

If you wish to pay from your Paypal account, please enter the same e-mail address you use for your paypal account.

- Enter a password of your choice (minimum 6 characters) and remember it, along with the e-mail address you supply, for future purchases from Empty Room Systems or for re-downloading your purchased products later.
- Click the Continue button at the bottom of the Billing information screen.
- Click the Continue button at the bottom of the Payment information screen.
- Click the Place order button.
- Follow the instructions from the Paypal site to pay for your products.
- IMPORTANT: After making the payment on the Paypal site, click the "Back to merchant" button! Do not use the Back button of your browser!
- Click the My Downloadable Products link on the Empty Room Systems site.
- You can download the product an unlimited number of times after purchase (please note you need to log in when you wish to re-download the product later).
- Send us an email to register the product.
- Enjoy your ERS product!

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