Frequently Asked Questions about ERS products.

1. What is an ERS-250?

The ERS-250  is sounding like the first digital reverb ever made. There were about 250 made of this huge machines. Because memory chips where small (1 Kbyte), a lot of them where used to create enough memory to build the reverb. Because of the limitations of the reverb the designers had to do a lot of tricks to make it smooth and lush. It is still one of nicest sounding reverbs available.

2. How powerfull needs the computer to be for the ERS 250 / Dim D?

A normal PC has enough power to use 2 or 3 at the same time. There are some reports of people using 8 in their setups. The Dim D takes up less resources.

3. Why are there limitations in the demo versions of th ERS 250 and Dim D?

We have several limitation to prevent from piracy. Piracy brings down our sales and the budgets to build awsome plug-ins, so we are carefull with protection. There is a time limitation in use and some of software is different from the full code so it can only used partially. It is a demo, so it gives good indication of the possibilities of the plug-in. With the demo some settings cannot be altered.

4. Will there be RTAS support?

No, we are currently developping AAX versions. RTAS will not be supported.

5. Will there be other products?

We are currently developping new products. You can also influence us by voting on the polls. Check our website regular and you will see what the next products will be ...

6. I bought my plugin, where is the download?

You can find your downloads in your account under downloadable products. In a few days (normally within 48 hours) you'll get the needed personalised keyfiles. During holidays it can take up to 30 days.

7. There is something going wrong, how do I get support?

Please send us an email using the contactform of our website. Please tell us what is going wrong, the productname, the OS and the version you are using.

8. Can I resell the plugin? 

Yes, but the keyfile will not be changed. When you want to resell keyfiles changes are possible, for an additional fee. 

9. What kind of protection are you using?

We are not using iLok or hardware dongle systems. Also the system we use is not C/R. With the download you get a temporary (30 days) keyfile, so you can use the plugin after the download. After a few hours, but during the holidays it can be longer, you get a personalised keyfile.  

10. Can I use the plugins of ERS on 1 or more computers?

You can use the plugins on every computer or DAW that you own.  

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