In this list you can track known bugs and wishes from costumers that have our attention. If you have others that needs attention, please email us with your ideas or found bugs.

The latest versions of our plugins for PC need VS Redistibutables to work properly.

The newest versions of the Dim D  and the ERS 250, but also the EchoRek2 need the VS-redist_32 or VS-Redist_64 to function properly. These files can be found in the Program (x86)/Empty Room Systems folder or as download from the Microsoft website. These redistributionals are also needed with newer versions of other plugins or programs. Please update your system to this latest versionOne .


When you did not recieve an email with keyfile within timely fasion (a few days), lease check your SPAM box, because sometimes an email ends up there. 


EchORek2 PC VST32/64 version

The speed of the Wow and Flutter changes with the oversampling setting Solved in 1.01

Transients are distorted. Solved in 1.01


AAX versions of ERS 250 and Dim D

The mac versions can be tested with the demodownloads and are included for PT10.3.6 and up (64 bits). 

Some clients do not get a sound with the AAX version of the ERS 250 in combination with some versions of PT11. This is caused by not installing the correct default factory setting. You see all the sliders down towards zero. When the sliders are in the correct possition, the plugin work correctly. Do not forget to click on the SET button and doubleclick the volumesliders on the backplate. Under investigation

The presets are not installed correctly. Under investigation


Feature request ERS 250

Support of mono channels Solved

Support of mono in and stereo out channels. (only possible in VST3 and not supported).


ERS250 PC Cubase 10

There seem to be a sound problem with Cubase 10 and the latest version of the ERS250. Under investigation


Windows 8

1. Windows 8 is not supported yet. Solved.

2. Installer is not working for windows 8 Solved

3. Studio One: after closing host the GUI needs to be opened before processing of sound occurs Solved


ERS 250 Mac

1. On some OS-es the installer for Mac does not work correctly. We will send files that will manually placed. Solved

2. AU version: does not validate under 10.6 Solved, please email us for support of 10.6 versions. 

3. AU version: after closing host the GUI need to be opened before the sound reoccurs Solved

4. AU version: zipper noise can be loud. Solved

5. Some people give us the report that the MAC version of the ERS250 does not work correctly in Sierra. Underinvestigation



1. The Dim D does not work in Traction and Receptor

2. The GUI does not work on all host combined with Pentium 4 XP SP 3 machines.

3. The ledbar does not return to zero after a stop in Sonar 8.5.3 and X1. Solved

4. The oversampling can give noise, irregularities in some host. Solved

5. The latest version of Sonar is not working correctly. Solved


Dim D Mac

1. The touchmode in Logic (automatisation) is not supported.

2. Some people under Sierra have a problem that the plugin need the GUi to be active to proces the sound. Under investigation.



1. Cntrl + click to restore the initial position of sliders. Solved

2. After closing the file in Samplitude the Gui need to be opened before the reverb is active Solved

3. Cubase 4.6.5 in combination with windows 7 gives a load error and adding tot the blacklist.



1. More CPU hungry(20-30%) then the PC version (10-12%). Solved (round 2-10% depening on version and CPU power)


We are always improving our work. When you find something is not working properly, please inform us!

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