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ERS is a company from the Netherlands and is part of Studio Froombosch. After working on projects in Studio Froombosch and being enthusiastic about audio gear, effects, vintage sounds and computers we decided to develop a native VST plugin inspired by the first digital hardware-based reverb, the 250, about which Harrie Munnik had been doing lots of research about. Thus, in april 2009 Empty Room Systems was formed - the name inspired by the lush reverberating sound of Harrie's living room after his house had been rebuilt. Programmers and graphics designers were hired and the first Empty Room Systems product, the ERS 250 reverb - hit the market in December 2009, just before Christmas. In june 2010 Theo ended his work with ERS and new plans where made to develop the ERS 250 even further. Scott Kane made a new user Interface, Alexander van Aken made the new manuals. Harrie worked hard on his C++ skills and in November 2010 version 2.0 of this reverb is delivered. The mac version was build in march 2011. We decided to build more products and the replica of the famous Roland SDD-320 Dimension D was launched in april 2011. In 2016 the EchORek2 delay was developed and brought to the world. Updated versions of the existing products are being developed now.

Postal address:

Gebr Wrightln 2a
9615 TN Kolham
The Netherlands

Telephone: +31 598 395979

ERS has developed its first products, the ERS 250, the ERS Dim D and the ERS EchORek2. If you like our products tell the world, if you experience a problem with our product please tell us, so we can make our product even better.

Thanks on behalf of the Empty Room Systems

Harrie Munnik