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Welcome to the web-site of Empty Room Systems (ERS). ERS is a producer of audio processing software from the Netherlands.

Mac OS beta testers wanted for Dim D and ERS250

We are looking for beta testers who use Mac OS. The new versions of the plug-ins have been optimized for 5.1 amongs other audio quality improvements.
If you are curious about the changes and/or want to help us out by beta testing, please send us an email. Our email address is support@emptyroomsystems.com

ERS EchORek2

The next product in line  is our new EchORek2 effect. This delay is a replica of the famous analog delay, with the rotating disk. It was made in the 60-ties and 70-ties and is still in use by a lot of recording studios today. The 1.0 version is made for PC VST 32/64, AAX 64 bits format and is available now. The EchORek2 has got the warm character and the modulations that makes the delays sit around the dry signal.

It is available for € 49,-- at the webshop.

 ERS EchOrek2 Demo (PC VST 32/64 bits, beta: AAX 64 bits) Limited functionality and 30 days maximum use.

ERS Dim D Chorus v1.2

The free update of the Dim D Chorus is available. Our Dim D Chorus is a replication of the SDD-320 Dimension D chorus. This chorus is famous for delivering a subtle, stereoizing enhancing, airy effect while adding more presence to a sound. Most chorus products give a lot of modulation and do not keep the original structure of the sound in tact. This chorus is way more subtle and adds something and does not take away the original quality of the sound.On our review page you can see the extensive reports of people using this new plug-in.

After replicating the SDD-320 inside the Eventide H8000, we brought it to the computer world. We enhanced it with some additional controls and presets. A lot of additional information is available on Gearslutz.

The versions are now inside the package: PC VST 32 and 64 bits, Mac VST 32 bits, Mac AU 32 and 64 bits and AAX 64 bits. Mac OS 10.6 and up. Protools 10.3.6 and up

It is available for € 59,-- at the webshop. How to order!

Dim D v1.2 PC VST Download Limited functionality and 30 days maximum use.

Dim D v1.2 PC AAX64 Download Limited functionality and 30 days maximum use.

Dim D v1.2 MAC VST 3 32/64 VST32/64, AU32/64 Download Limited functionality and 30 days maximum use.

Video demonstration of the Dim D.


ERS 250 Reverb for PC
ERS has been working on the replication the first digital reverb ever made. The original, the reverb is based on, audio lovers praise for its warm and lush reverb. There are only 250 made of these $15.000,-- R2D2 machines and we offer a very costeffective way to get similar results. ERS identified its specifics and reinvented the sound in a modern technology tool. The warm welcome of the pilot and enhancing quality since, now results in this new commercial release. Through a simple concept download –and-pay-plug in-and-play, the reverb can be used in all the common programs that support the PC VST 32/64 bits and AAX 64bits format like Nuendo, Cubase,  Protools etc. Protection is like with our other products with a personalised keyfile system.

For new costumers the PC VST32/64 and 64 bits AAX versions are available for € 69,-- at the webshop.

ERS250 v2.1 PC VST32/64 Download Limited functionality and 30 days maximum use.
ERS250 v2.1 PC AAX64 Download Limited functionality and 30 days maximum use.
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